High-end development direction of food packaging machinery

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High-end development direction of food packaging machinery

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China's packaging machinery since the industrial revolution gradually developed, gradually improved and developed, the scale of commodity circulation further expanded, the use of packaging machinery industry is more extensive, the role is also growing. China Machinery Industry Federation estimates that from 2011 to 2015, the total output value of China's food processing and packaging machinery industry is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 16%.

The food industry is a large user of packaging machinery commodities, with the development and growth of the food industry, food packaging machinery commodities are also entering a new stage of development. The packaging industry is of little importance in the category of food industry, and it is also seeking deeper development with the needs of shopping malls.

However, what can not be ignored is that China's packaging machinery industry started late and developed fast, resulting in a weak foundation for China's packaging machinery, low commodity grade, quality, safety, skills, power and other aspects are not in place. At that time, there were 7,000 companies engaged in the production of food and packaging machinery, but more than 95% were small and medium-sized companies, private companies, and the eastern and western regions were spread different, concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and other economically developed areas, many companies have only a small number of independent research and development talent, high-end packaging machinery products are even less. Most small companies are modeled after the goods of large packaging machinery companies, and there is almost no innovation. Chocolate machine

It is understood that the United States at that time promising packaging machinery is: Horizontal pillow microcomputer control and equipped with servo motor and film tension good power control equipment of the packaging machinery, microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, intelligent, picture sensing skills and new data in the packaging machinery will be more and more widely used, packaging machinery is increasingly automated, high power, energy saving direction. Developed countries have now integrated nuclear energy skills, microelectronics skills, laser skills, biological skills and systems engineering into traditional mechanical skills. New alloy data, polymer data, composite data, inorganic nonmetallic data and other new data have also been popularized and used.

The excessive reliance of China's packaging machinery on foreign high-end skills has severely restricted the continued and stable development of China's packaging industry. At that time, the food packaging machinery competition was becoming increasingly fierce, and the future food packaging machinery would cooperate with industrial automation, promote the overall level of packaging equipment progress, and carry out multi-functional, high-power, low-consumption food packaging equipment.

High-end skill goods are the focus of competition in the world of food packaging machinery science and technology. At that time, the new skills widely used in food and packaging machinery had the basic characteristics of high intelligence, high power, high competition, and high efficiency. Because of the continuous use of new skills, it has greatly promoted the development of food and packaging machinery industries in various countries, replacing intermittent production by continuous production, replacing general production by specialized production, replacing small and medium-sized production by large-scale production, and replacing the quality control of final goods by whole-process quality control. Complete the continuous production, professional work, automatic conditioning, full process control and industrial operation of food processing and packaging process. These skills cross, mainly new skills play an important role in the use of this role is becoming more and more significant.

Domestic packaging machinery products to high-end promotion is still facing great difficulties: independent innovation ability is not strong, advanced skills rely on foreign countries; Quotation vicious competition, commodity similarities and plagiarism appearances throughout; The base development is relatively lagging behind, and the base parts, automation, intelligent control system and test instruments, machining and base production equipment lag significantly behind the main engine. If you want domestic packaging machinery products to really develop to the high-end, you must first overcome these doubts.

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