30 years later or difficult to eat chocolate to bring inspiration to the machinery industry

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30 years later or difficult to eat chocolate to bring inspiration to the machinery industry

Release date: 2023-11-30 Author: 苏州明锦机械设备有限公司 click:

30 years later or difficult to eat chocolate to bring inspiration to the machinery industry

As the standard accompaniments of Valentine's Day, chocolates and flowers have now become a major criterion for many people to determine "straight men". However, this Valentine's Day, the prediction that chocolate will be extinct in 30 years is an explosive bad news for people.

The rise and fall of a thing must have its reasons, and what can the predictive decline of chocolate teach the machinery industry?

The integration of upstream and downstream industries should not be ignored

Chocolate has been popular for many years as a type of food packaged with Valentine's Day, with sales increasing significantly on Valentine's Day. People are also extending this gift from lovers to larger social circles such as family, friends and colleagues. Chocolate itself has also continuously improved in terms of taste and appearance, and launched 3D printed chocolate, hand-made chocolate, high-end chocolate and so on to promote sales. The extinction prediction is for the cocoa bean, the raw material of chocolate. Chocolate's main ingredient is struggling to survive in today's warming climate.

It is not difficult to see from the example of chocolate that the upstream and downstream of any industry are a whole, and the production of upstream raw materials is also related to downstream products.

For machinery, upstream contact materials are closely related. It is understood that the current production of stainless steel in the food industry is still relatively backward, and low output and high cost are common phenomena. Therefore, at present, there are food machinery enterprises using stainless steel products as food contact materials, the amount of metal material migration of these materials is not strict standards, and it is easy to pollute food in the process of contact with food. Relevant enterprises also need to strictly purchase raw materials, do not covet a temporary cost reduction, and eventually lose the market.


We will speed up R&D and eliminate backward productive forces

In the case of cocoa beans, ecological changes are not the main reason for their possible disappearance. During the centuries of development of chocolate, the form of chocolate has changed, but the method of growing cocoa trees has not been updated, people are still using the cultivation method of hundreds of years ago, and backward productivity has made the production of cocoa trees decline year after year. The lack of innovative products will eventually be eliminated by the society has been the consensus of most people in the society. From the current point of view, intelligence is an irrefutable trend in the machinery industry, and promoting equipment intelligence has become a trick for many enterprises to transform and upgrade. For example, in the tea production process, the traditional tea stir-frying machine and kneading machine still need workers to debug and change parameters in real time to avoid the phenomenon of tea stir-frying. There is no way for tea such as Fuzhuan tea, which requires precise temperature and humidity to flower. The intelligent production line developed by a tea company in Hunan province not only reduces the personnel required for production to half, but also greatly improves the production capacity of Fuzhuan tea by equiping the temperature and humidity system and mechanical arm with precise adjustment. In addition, the use of robotic arms to assemble intelligent mechanical equipment has become a decisive weapon for some enterprises. Compared with manual, intelligent production methods have improved production efficiency, product control and accuracy.

Avoid too much geographical concentration and dependence

A single supplier also makes the chocolate market more vulnerable. It is understood that 60% of the world's cocoa comes from Cote d 'Ivoire and Ghana. Once these two areas are affected by the natural environment, planting methods, etc., resulting in a decline in production, it is bound to affect the global chocolate production.

For food machinery, although production is not hindered because of excessive concentration of raw materials, reliance on a single market is likely to hit companies hard. Not only that, the current homogenization of China's machinery industry is very common. It is not difficult to find that after entering a device, there will often be multiple enterprises with the same type of products, which are very similar in appearance, function and other aspects, causing certain troubles to consumers' choice and disrupting market order. To avoid the emergence of this phenomenon, one can speed up the innovative research and development of equipment, and the other can try to expand the market. At present, China is accelerating the construction of the Belt and Road, and introducing equipment to such markets can avoid putting all eggs in one basket. As a member of the food industry, the decline of the chocolate industry during the boom period has forced people to rethink. Machinery enterprises also need to learn lessons from it to promote the continued prosperity of the industry.

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