About chocolate mechanical production of candy packaging

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About chocolate mechanical production of candy packaging

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Chocolate machinery:

When it comes to the candy bar packaging machine, we have to mention the outer packaging of the candy bar, we know that the outer packaging can not only prevent the candy bar from being contaminated by microorganisms and dust, the health and safety of the food, but also enhance the purchase hope of customers and add the value of food.


There is still a long distance between the packaging level of traditional foods such as chocolate and sugar bars in China and developed countries, which is mainly reflected in backward packaging equipment, few varieties of packaging materials, and poor packaging quality. To fill this gap, we can only take the road of skill innovation, so the domestic candy bar and chocolate packaging should be developed in the direction of high-speed automation, one machine and one feature packaging.

At present, the packaging of domestic sugar bars, chocolate and other products is mainly surround, pillow and folding. Entanglement packaging is an old packaging method, mainly used in sugar packaging, it can choose high-speed automatic packaging, can also choose manual operation; Pillow packaging was popular internationally in the 70s and 80s, as well as domestically.

With the wide range of pillow packaging machines, most of the sugar bar, chocolate production enterprises are now choosing pillow packaging. Folding packaging, mostly used in chocolate products, candy bars, etc., suitable for making roll bags, strip bags, combined bags, this packaging method has higher requirements for packaging equipment and packaging materials.

In recent years, the domestic candy bar skills experts in the introduction and cooperation, independent innovation and other aspects of the gratifying role, in the candy bar equipment, launched the inflatable milk candy production line, colloid-gummy automatic production line, vacuum instant baking ultra-thin syrup unit, cotton candy production line and other series of packaging machinery; There are single twist charter, folding charter, high-speed pillow charter and so on. Gimmick chocolate production line, chocolate composite products automatic extrusion production line, chocolate kneading molding production line, chocolate fast grinding machine.

Pellet packaging machine is an automatic packaging equipment that is upgraded on the basis of pellet packaging machine. Can automatically complete measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number, fracture count and other processes; Can automatically complete the packaging of fine grained materials. Granule packaging machine is used to package drugs or similar products: granule drugs, sugar, coffee, fruit, tea, MSG, salt, seeds and other granular substances.

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