The characteristics of chocolate machinery

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The characteristics of chocolate machinery

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Candy, chocolate manufacturers in the packaging of standardized products, generally need high-speed, active packaging machines, in order to seek economies of scale packaging cost optimization. Therefore, in recent years, packaging machine manufacturers have developed high-speed, active candy and chocolate packaging machines suitable for different types of products, such as kink packaging machines for traditional pillow packaging and some suitable double kink products. In this type of packaging machine, manufacturers use the latest technology, such as servo motor, photoelectric tracking, high-speed photography, etc., to achieve the efficiency of the packaging machine, and now there are high-speed pillow candy packaging machines that pack 1500 to 2000 grains per minute.

The high-speed chocolate pillow packaging machine should be more developed from the aspects of equipment and cold air packaging film matching, so as to reach high speed and not affect the quality of the internal chocolate products. In addition, the active steering, finishing, emergency stop and acceleration of the conveyor belt connected with the chocolate packaging machine are also widely used. Secondly, for non-standardized or seasonal products, the packaging machine should be planned sensitive, simple and small. This type of device is not looking for speed, but for personalized packaging and sensitivity. In addition, the unique packaging planning can also meet the commodity competition, continuous innovation, give people the role of visual impact, such as the bottled xylitol chewing gum on the market, because the packaging is more suitable for young people's consumption mind, the product is very popular.

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